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Tripoint Poland-Slovakia-Ukraine
Tripoint Poland-Slovakia-.Ukraine.
Access from SK (Nová Sedlica) takes approx. 2½ hrs.
- on Mt. Kremenec, 1.221 m a.s.l.

Tripoint Estonia-Latvia-Russia
Border LV-RU close to the tp with Estonia.
Russian borderfence behind LV-officer
P. at tripoint Estonia-Latvia-Russia.
wet tp in brook "Pedetsi" behind P. Red dot marking the actual tp
map of tripoint

Tripoint Belarus-Latvia-Russia
Tp By-Lv-Ru pic


Borderbridge LV-RU close to tp with BY
map of tripoint

Tripoint Belarus-Latvia-Lithuania
Tp By-Lt-Lv.
it's a pleasant, relaxed spot!
P. at tp By-Lt-Lv on July 16, 2003.

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