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Tripoint Hungary-Romania-Ukraine
Hungarian (red-white-green) and
Ukrainian BMs in the background, white BM in bet-ween marking the actual borderline. Sign "Allamhatár" - Hungarian for ....s t a t e border.
large Hungarian border monument
at the confluence of the two TUR rivers (old riverbed forming the HuUa border and "new" riverbed forming
the HuRo border).
wet tripoint in river Tur, marked by red dot.
topographic map of tripoint

Tripoint Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine
P. at border SkUa embracing the
Ukrainian bordermarker. white BM between the Slovakian and Ukrain. BMs marks the
actual borderline...
P. approx. 20 meters from the actual
- wet - tripoint in river Tisza - Hungary on the other side ... BM betw. SK and UA in front of picture...
map of tripoint

Tripoint Belarus-Lithuania-Poland
Peter at this remote - wet - tripoint with Belaruss.


Tp By-Lt-Pl with 3 bordermarkers

Tripoint Lithuania - Poland - Russia
Tripoint Lithuania-Poland-Russia (Kaliningrad enclave): 
Tp easily accessible from Polish side, 200 metres from countryroad


P. at tp Lt-Pl-Ru on July 12, 2003
map of tripoint

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