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Miscellaneous border pictures  


Border of Algeria-Niger
Picture shows Niger control post at Assamaka, about 15 km south of the actual boundary line that is marked by a big stone...! Peter's picture from 1982.

Border of Central African Republic-Cameroon
Usually African border crossings are poorly marked, very few boundary markers... this sign welcoming travelers to Cameroon, a country with both French+English as official languages. P. in front - pict. taken in 1986. Loc.: main road betw. Baboua/CAR + Garoua Boula/Cam.

Border of Swaziland-South Africa
Border Swaziland - South Africa: on road betw. Barberton/S.A. + Havelock/Swa.
Border Swaziland - South Africa near Amsterdam/S.A. Boundary line in front of fence.

Border Kenya-Tanzania
"Namanga" crossing point in Amboseli-Masai Game Reserve in very scenic area. Peter's picture from 1971.

Border Zambia-Zimbabwe
Border Zimbabwe-Zambia at Victoria Falls.
one of the most spectacular borderbridges worldwide

Border Lesotho-South Africa
Border Z.A.-Lesotho near Ficksburg/ZA.
Caledon River forming boundary here.

Border Lebanon-Syria
Border Lebanon-Syria on main road between Beyrut and Damaskus.

Border Guatemala - El Salvador
Border Guatemala - El Salvador on PanAmerican H'way. Crossing seen from the G. side.

Border Honduras - Nicaragua
Large boundary marker close to the PanAm H'way. Picture from 1971...

Border of India - Nepal
Border India - Nepal at Sonauli/Ind,.-Belahija/Ne. crossing point. Looking into Nepal. Notice stupa on top of the custom building.

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