Peter Hering's  Border Pictures

Border pictures from a peculiar place !  
Swiss-French border at La Cure


Official border crossing point at La Cure, a village on the border. Picture taken from France, Swiss custom - "Douane L.C." in the distance and behind it a white house can be spotted - "our" int'l hotel right on the boundary line !
Hotel Franco-Suisse seen from the Swiss side. The boundary line bisects the hotel into a French & a Swiss part.
Peter touching boundary marker no. 223 - on the French side. Inscription "Vaud" refers to the Swiss "canton".
Close up of boundary stone no. 223.
Boundary stone no. 223 seen from the French side
Every border freak's dream: boundary line bisecting a room - and the (double)bed ! Marianne's enjoying her nap in Switzerland (CH), while Peter will spend the night in France - crossing the border is NOT allowed...!?!

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