Peter Hering's  Border Pictures

European Borders  
Hungarian-Austrian border near Mörbisch (50 km SE of Vienna)
Picture taken in May '76 many years before the disappearance of the "Iron Curtain". Red-white boundary poles - on Austrian soil - marking the boundary line. Hungarian fence + watchtower in the far distance. Peter's daughter Pernille talking to "border"flower..
Picture taken after the collaps of Communism. No more fences or watchtowers..
Lake seen in the distance: Neusiedlersee/German -
Fertö/Hungarian - the southern part of the lake belongs to Hungary.
Boundary marker, seen from Austrian territory, Ö=Österreich, 1922 = referring to the year when this border was established - after WW1 and the treaty of Trianon plus a referendum !
Hungarian border crossing point near Mörbisch on the western shore of the lake - this road had been closed for 70 years !
Border Austria - Hungary. New crossing point between Fertöd/Hu.+Pamhagen/Aus. east of Lake Fertö. Joined Austrian-Hungarian custom+passport- control. Building on Hungarian side of the actual boundary line.

Border of Portugal-Spain
Border Portugal-Spain between Villanueva del Fresno/Sp and San Leonardo/Po. with large boundary marker.
Boundary marker no. 911
Spanish:  hito, Portuguese: marco.
Looking into Portugal's "Alentejo" province
Adjacent boundary marker no. 912 - marked "E" (España)

Border Germany-Switzerland
Border crossing between Weil/Ge. + Basel/Sw. Seen from Swiss side. Boundary marker, erected 1887.
Close up of boundary marker with Basel's heraldic symbol.
Boundary marker between Basel and Weil. Crossing point for pedestrians only.
Nice boundary marker no. 34.

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