Peter Hering's  Border Pictures

The Danish-German border  
A journey in pictures


Easternmost boundary marker no. 1. Situated at the estuary of the Krusaa-creek into Flensburg-fiord.
Fall foliage at border. Looking towards Germany.
Boundary stones no. 18a+b. New inscription on German side: DR (previously: DRP) - in black. Danish inscription D in red.
Closed road between Niehuus/GE + Bov/DK. Looking into DK.
Boundary marker no. 32. Boundary line changes direction.
Boundary markers on meadowland. Usually features likecreeks or tracks form the border, but here's the exception to the rule: a boundary line across meadowland. Attempts have been made to adjust the boundary line at this place, since all of the land on both sides of the border is owned by one (German) farmer, but it has proved impossible to find an adequate area of the same size in exchange...!
In the distance: Niehuus Lake, in Germany. Boundary line along northern shore of lake = houses seen in distance are Danish !
Boundary marker no. 54a on mainroad between Padborg/DK and Flensburg/GE.
Border at B÷gelhuus/GE -Ll.Jyndevad/DK looking into Denmark - Skelbaek creek under bridge forms border - crossing point for local people only.
Boundary marker no. 113 near Sofiedal/DK.
Skelbaek creek (German Scheidebek) acting as boundary line for about 20 km - boundary marker no. 142 seen "south of the border"- in Germany
Official border crossing at Pebersmark/DK - boundary marker no. 157 on Danish side of creek (red D).
Additional info: there are 7 official crossing points for all nationalities plus a few others, only to local people..
Rudboel/DK: boundary marker no. 242 in the road. Peter's dog touching the boundary line.
She doesn't seem happy about her mutation from bearded to border collie...
Boundary marker no. 278 in open landscape near the sea.
Boundary marker no. 280 - the very last one - 1,2 m in height erected on the Danish-German dike.The date refers to the official transition of this area to Denmark (treaty of Versailles and an official referendum). 
Border north of Aventoft/Ge. March 26, 2001: The day after the Schengen - agreement came into effect: no more controls at the border. Truck removing the old control building. Boundary marker no.228 visible just right to
the 30 km speed limit sign.
Border between Rudboel/Dk and Rosenkranz/Ge. B.markers no. 245+246.
Notice change in boundary line direction.
Boundary marker 275 in foreground, no.
275 visible behind crooked trunk. Near Siltoft/Dk, in the "Far West".

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